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If the right and left ventrical of the heart are normal size, thickness and function, can the right ventrical still be dilated? echo shows "no hemody sig aortic stenosis and rvdd 3.5. but shows norma

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Either or: The question got truncated, but you are right, the ventrical size can either be normal, increased ( dilated) or smaller than average range for the given age/sex.

Answered 9/28/2016


Dr. Jerome Zacks answered

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No.: If the right ventricular size and function are normal, the right ventricle is not dilated.

Answered 4/5/2014


Dr. Umesh Patel answered

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Imaging: Imaging tests are an indirect way of evaluating the various organ systems. Some tests provide numeric values with an attached range of 'normal values'which are meant to be a guide to be used for the clinician when correlating the test findings with the patients complaints and examination findings. Numbers can be erroneous due to technical factors or irrelevant in a specific patient (eg body size).

Answered 3/29/2014



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