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Waking up with numb arms, hands and legs. like theyre asleep. 6 months now. and if i sit my legs fall asleep even just a few mins. recent diagnosis ofiron def and ms and ank spond. what now?

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Further testing: Your description suggests potential sensitivity to nerve compression, and raises question of possible peripheral neuropathy, even of small fibre origin. Cannot help confirm ms, as you could possess brain lesions of alternative cause. You can sort all of this out with EMG study, maybe skin punch biopsy, and even spinal fluid analysis. Discuss thee issues with your neurologist.

Answered 6/10/2014


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Continue: With the doctor who made the diagnosis of ms or consider asking them for a referral to a neurologist or rheumatologist who specializes in ms.

Answered 2/1/2014



Consider this:: Waking up with numb hands often suggests carpal tunnel syndrome, you should also consider this. Iron deficiency usually responds pretty well to iron therapy. There are also treatments for MS and AS. Your medical provider who diagnosed these must be planning some kind of treatment regimen for you!

Answered 11/28/2017



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