A member asked:

Can you tell me if these mouth guards are too big to fit inside of a normal mouth guard case?

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Dr. John Van der Werff answered

Specializes in Dentistry

Depends: It would depend upon the size of the case and size of the mouth guard. Normally it should fit in the case but mouth guards and cases come in different sizes.

Answered 9/30/2015


Dr. Perry Opin answered

Specializes in

Maybe: Depends upon the size of your mouth guard and the case you are talking about. Both of these items vary in size.

Answered 5/6/2015


Dr. Arnold Malerman answered

Specializes in Orthodontics

Case: I assume you mean a night guard rather than a sports mouth guard. Your Dentist should have an appropriately sized case for you when the night guard is delivered. If you are talking about anOTC appliance, they can do more harm than good, and cost you more in the long run correcting the damage they can cause. See your Dentist for advice.

Answered 10/17/2015



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