Can you smoke marijuana for pain after surgery?

Cont'd 3. Or make any legal decisions withing 24 hours is because the anesthesia drugs impair judgement and reasoning ability as well as response time. Cannabis effect is additive to this. In the literature it is recommended to delay surgery until the thc has cleared the system. The half life is somewhere between 28 adn 56 hours depending upon the chronicity of the use.
Cont'd again. Immune system: chronic cannabis use depresses the immune system which increases infection risk and decreases healing potential thereby increasing your peri-operative infection and wound complications. Brain: for the same reasons here in the US patients sign a piece of paper before they leave the hospital saying that they were told not to drive a car, drink any alcohol, or cont'd.
No. No. Very bad idea as the active ingredient thc can cause elevations of blood pressure and tachycardia stressing the heart. Surgery and anesthesia are also very strong cardiac stressors which is why we don't operate soon after a heart attack and have folks with risk factors be see by cardiology for assessment prior to major surgery. I'm going to continue in the next post:.
Not in my state. I don't think it is used that way in any state. It is not legal in my state at all.
Yes if recent user. I my observations, which includes a database of pain score on all patients post op; tch( dope) abusers have more pain postop. I often cannot get them comfortable until they go home and smoke dope. If they have none 1 week preop, then i can get them comfortable. I think thc blocks other pain killers ( no proof) so that if you do not smoke preop then dope post op makes one a dope.
Yes. Yes, you can, but for the most part will not be recommended because smoking in any post operative period has negative effects on wound healing. Medical marijuana is a controversial topic, while i feel there are some conditions where it may be helpful, due to legal and potential for abuse concerns, i don't advise it. The "pain relief" may be more of "i don't rally mind it" effect from marijuana u.
Continued. Lungs: cannabis smoke contains twice the amount of of 2 carcinogens, benzanthracene and benapyrene, both of which are not soluble and stay in the lungs causing irritation. This increased pneumonia risk. Anything that impairs respiratory function after or before anesthesia is a really bad idea since the anesthetist keeps you alive by breathing for you while asleep. Contd:.