What are the risks of labiaplasty? I am considering labiaplasty because I experience irritation when wearing tight pants. However, I'm afraid to have surgery in such a sensitive location. What is the recovery like and what are the risks of the surgery?

Usually safe AND. I have conducted two studies & now a third to verify the safety and efficacy. No surgery is 100% safe and risks may include infection, hematoma, bleeding, excessive bruising, scarring, dehiscence, asymmetry, pain, numbness, discomfort, contour irregularity, over or under correction, vaginismus, dryness, dyspareunia, vaginosis, vulvodynia, irritation, unacceptable cosmetic result, need 4 revision.
Labiaplasty risks. The usual risks of any surgical procedure include; bleeding, infection anesthesia complication, etc. Best to see a board certified surgeon with experience in this area of surgery. Together you will evaluate the risks and benefits.
Risks of labiaplasty. In the right hands the operation is well tolerated. There are risks such as bleeding and infection but they van be minimized by good technique. More on this: http://www. Psinteractive. Net/lab_faq. Htm.
They. They are rare but some of these are: too much or too little tissue remove, poor scarring, loss of sensation, sensitive scars and painful intercourse, long recovery, pain, visible scars.
Labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is becoming a more and more common procedure for normal women. Your concern is a very appropriate indication for surgery. Most patients decide to have labiaplasty because they feel 'fresher' or more rejuvenated afterwards. The procedure is very simple and safe if performed by a well trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon with good judgement. Scars should be placed in positions that are both hidden and relatively protected from direct contact during sexual intercourse. By designing an appropriate excision and rotating a flap from the original labia minor, female genitalia can be restored to look natural without surgical stigmata. As with any surgery there are rare risks of infiction, delayed healing, and scaring issues but with careful technique and good planing the risks are very low. I hope this helps! If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact (305) 328-8256 or visit : www. Rianmaercksmd. Com all the best, rian a. Maercks M.D.