What type of high blood pressure medication would be best to combine with beta blocker?

Just about any. We often combine beta blockers w/mild diuretics, ace inhibitors, arb, ccb, etc. Many patients need 3 or more BP lowering medications to achieve their goal bp. It's just a matter of choosing a drug from each class, looking for secondary gain if possible, while avoiding side effects. Diuretics are good if you have swollen feet. Ace inhibitors & arbs protect heart in CHF & kidneys in diabetcs.

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Which type of high blood pressure medication would be best to combine with a low dosage of beta blocker?

Any. The low dosage of beta blocker would not especially influence my choice of a second agent except for the fact that medications like verapamil or Diltiazem also slow the pulse as does the beta blocker. So one would want to make sure that the beta blocker has not significantly lowered the pulse.
HCTZ (hydrochlorothiazide) Without knowing more about you, especially your renal function, allergies, and other medical conditions, it's hard to make a good recommendation for you. But in general, a mild diuretic such as hydrochlorothiazide (hctz) is usually a good choice - either by itself or in combination with a beta blocker.

What the best medication for high blood pressure?

Any one. The one that will reduce your blood pressure to normal levels without side effects.
Targeted Approach. BP is a symptom and not a diagnosis. The best BP medication is the one that addresses the cause (s). BP in dm for instance requires an ace med, and diuretics avoided, if possible. BP medication requires a targeted approach. I agree keeping low as possible, is best.--without side effects.

What is the best medication to treat high blood pressure?

Depends. There are a lot of factors that affect what medicine should be given first. Race, whether you have diabetes, your age, and how high the blood pressure is would all be factors. Since many patients end up needing two or more medications, it often becomes a mute point which to start with. A thiazide diuretic, ace inhibitor, or arb are good choices for a starting medication.
No such thing. No such thing as the "best " medicine. Each medicine has its positives and negatives. You really have to individualize therapy.

Good Day docs, I am 37 yrs old n am a Banker, my job is stressful, I have high blood pressure. What is the best medication for a colored skin.

Need to speak to UR. Doctor regarding how stress may be affecting your blood pressure, and what you can do to alleviate it, or speak to a psychologists specializing in stress management, and biofeedback. Depending on how mild or high your hypertension is see what's best medication to use. But if stress is the cause, it's best to treat that first, and see if you can do it without meds, by exercise, diet, and meditation.