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11 days ago had for testicle torsion to remove the testicle as it died and then it got infected,i've finished my antibiotics course aswell. wound is very itchy and has a yellow liquid in it its not seeping out though is this normal?

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Dr. Michael Ahearn answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

any time you remove something from the body it fills with fluid yellow clear fluid that is why sometimes doctors place drains clear yellow fluid can be expected presence of fever redness swelling tenderness may indicate an infection that usually presents after 3 days I recommend all wounds be checked in 3 days topical antibiotics may sensitize your skin and cause itching

Answered 4/30/2022


Dr. Birendra Tandan answered

Specializes in Urology

Have your surgeon check the area. In the meantime keep it clean with gently using soap and water and clean dressing

Answered 5/7/2022



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