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If a woman has a high risk hpv virus in her mouth after a small amount of woman's saliva is rubbed on the man's fingers does the man have a high risk of contracting the hpv virus by touching his penis with those fingers?

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HPV viral excretion is uncommon in the mouth (usually causes skin or genital warts). Not impossible, just uncommon. So, it is unlikely you would catch HPV from oral secretion ... not impossible, just uncommon

Answered 4/16/2021


Dr. Hunter Handsfield answered

Specializes in Infectious Disease

HPV is rarely transmitted by oral sex. Even if such a partner has oral infection, the contacts described are no risk at all. Of course you are going to have HPV someday, maybe already do: all human beings get genital HPV. Rather than trying to prevent it entirely, get vaccinated to prevent infection with the HPV types that cause 90% of cancers or warts. Then don't worry about it.

Answered 3/11/2021



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