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Would adding a couple of drops of vinegar to ketoconazole cream be helpful in treatment of yeast infection on penis? is vinegar harmful to skin

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Dr. Terence Chapman answered

Specializes in Urologic Oncology

Not helpful: The Ketoconazole Cream should be effective without vinegar. Acetic acid solutions can be used to unmask hpv induced skin changes prior to treatment, but should not be considered a skin treatment per se.

Answered 9/13/2015


Dr. John Leander Po answered

Specializes in Infectious Disease

Complication-: Using a cream on your penis suggests the presence of a rash, ulcer or lesion. A fungal infection is unusual on the penis- uness diagnosed by a physician, it is highly recommeneded that you do this -the lesion may be syphilis or other infection that will surely get worse with an acid, and can increase you chances of getting HIV if engaging in unprotected sex.

Answered 1/5/2019



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