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What is a disc bulge with a superimposed disc herniation ? i have them @ l5-s1, l4-l5, l1-l2& moderate to large one in the right neural foramen @l3-l4

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Dr. Scott Kreiner answered

Specializes in Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine

Poor terminology: Radiologists have been employed to use nomenclature and terminology guidelines published in 2001 to describe disc pathology. Unfortunately your radiologist didn't do this. Anyway, this means that the disc has some diffuse widening (bulging) most likely along with some areas where material from the inside of the disc has leaked to the outside (disc extrusion).

Answered 8/17/2018


Dr. Qamar Khan answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Multiple Pathologies: A disc bulge is just what it sounds like: a circumferential enlargement of the disc that is broad based in general. A disc herniation usually is either a protrusion or extrusion. A protrusion is one where the base (the part that attaches to the disc) is larger than the part that extends out. An extrusion is one where the base is smaller than the part that extends out suggesting it worse.

Answered 8/17/2018



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