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13 weeks pregnant headache for 3 days doc says not to worry but i am, isn't that preeclampsia?

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Unlikely: Headaches are super common in pregnancy. Most often due to not drinking enough. Also due to hormone changes. Drink until your urine is clear, try some tylenol (acetaminophen). If you were someone who had migraines b4 pregnancy, you may need to consult a headache specialist to discuss headache mngmt in pregnancy. Preeclampsia very rare at 13 weeks. Need protein in urine and possibly prob w/ liver or blood too.

Answered 5/11/2019


Dr. Oscar Novick answered

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Headache: One of the symptoms of preeclapsia is a headache which is due to elevated blood pressure. Since you make no mention of high blood pressure i agree with your doctor.

Answered 9/18/2013



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