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What if lung cancer spread to spine?

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Dr. Jeffrey Buchsbaum answered

Specializes in Radiation Oncology

Stage IV treatment.: The treatment of a spine metastasis is variable based upon the big picture. Sometimes chemotherapy makes sense. Sometimes radiotherapeutic agents or even radiation therapy makes sense. If it is causing an acute spinal cord compression, emergent surgery then radiation is often used. One needs to be evaluated by a team of people used to treating spine metastases and to have correct imaging (ct/mr).

Answered 10/24/2018


Dr. Chaim Colen answered

Specializes in Neurosurgery

Depends: When cancer spreads to the spine it can weaken the vertebral bodies resulting in compression fractures. Severe fracture may cause impingement of the spinal cord requiring surgery to decompress and sometime stabilize the segment.

Answered 8/29/2018



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