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Calcium hydroxide filling instead of root canal in molar tooth, help is this bad?

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Dr. Joel Doyon answered

Specializes in Dentistry - Cosmetic

Helpful: Calcium hydroxide is used as an interim filling material until the final filling material is placed in the canals. Calcium hydroxide is used to kill any remaining bacteria in the canal until sealed.

Answered 7/27/2013



Disinfect: Calcium hydroxide is often used as an intra appointment dressing inside the canals to help disinfect the tooth, so it's not bad at all. Don't worry.

Answered 9/22/2017


Dr. John Yu answered

Specializes in Endodontics

No: There are two kinds of ca(oh)2. One is used as a base and the other, root canal medicament. The one your are referring to is probably a base that's placed under a filling so that the nerve isn't irritated or infected (pulp cap). As long as all the bacteria (decay) is cleaned out and your nerve is healthy and not irritated, most likely you will be okay without rct. Follow up with your dentist.

Answered 7/28/2017



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