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Ill marginated focal asymmetry and 2 lymph nodes of 1, 5 cm in left breast. recommendation: mri could this be cancer?

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MRI not the answer: Unfortunately, something like this could be a cancer.Getting an MRI is not the answer. It will not give you a definitive. You need to have a biopsy done. Most likely a stereotactic (mammo guided) biopsy. This is a suspicious lesion by description.

Answered 6/7/2017


Dr. Michael Gabor answered

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A focal asymmetry: has a low probability of cancer. MRI can sometimes be useful in the management of asymmetries, particularly if the radiologist feels the asymmetry would be difficult to biopsy stereotactically because it is not well visualized, and ultrasound shows no abnormality. MRI has a very high negative predictive value, so a negative MR might obviate biopsy. A positive MR could be used for biopsy guidance

Answered 11/28/2017



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