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Can there be a natural remedy for acid reflux disease, barretts esophagus and hiatal hernia?

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Dr. William Walsh answered

Specializes in Addiction Medicine

Weight loss, elevate: Keeping the intra-abdominal pressures low is the key to keeping food/acid from refluxing into your esophagus. If you keep your head about 30 degrees (using cinder blocks under the bed posts is an inexpensive way to do this) of the parallel, most reflux is prevented. Weight loss also reduces abdominal pressure and keeps the food where it should be. Good luck!

Answered 9/8/2018


Dr. Scott Grover answered

Specializes in Surgery

No: If your reflux is so severe that you have barretts, i would suggest aggressive action. Barretts is early signs of the esophagus cells changing to cancer cells. You do not want to see how little you can do, you want this fixed so you do not have esophageal cancer in 10 yrs.

Answered 10/14/2019



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