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When i fall asleep my left foot hangs off the bed & i wake up with a swollen foot every day! both my foot & ankle stay swollen because of how i sleep?

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Caution: The veins that return blood from your feet/legs run up the back of your leg in the calf. If you obstruct venous return by allowing your leg to hang over the side of the bed all night, you will promote swelling, but worse, you can provoke a deep vein thrombosis, in fact, you may already have. You need to be seen to have a blood clot ruled out. Any use of alcohol or sedatives make this worse.

Answered 8/15/2020


Dr. Thomas Inwood answered

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Swollen foot: When your foot hangs over the bed like that blood is pooling in the foot and having a tough time getting out as it should. As you are not wallking during the night the pumping action of the muscles is not there. Do your best to not hang you foot over off the bed . Good luck !

Answered 8/9/2018



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