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Day 5 of being sick ive had a runny nose congestion sneezing a slight cough 1day ran a low grade fever ive had some body aches. upper back pain leg pain started to loose my smell. friday i was - for c-19 yesterday +. it been covid the entire time?

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You're 5 days into a covid infection. Have you been vaccinated & boostered? No worrisome chest symptoms or further fever by now is a good sign. Drink lots of fluids. Isolate until you're absolutely free of symptoms for 48 hours although smell may take a while to return. Check with your physician as needed.

Answered 12/29/2022



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I have a cough with phelm ,back ache,urine strong smell and yeast infe tion. I am getting over Covid. I am fever free. no sense of taste or smell. congestion in nose. Think sinus infection. I am allergic to penicellin?
I am experiencing shortness of breath (severity: mild) (time frame: sudden) (worsened by: lying down) (unaffected by: psychological stress, exercise or physical activity) (better by: sitting upright) (unaffected by: rest), cough (worsened by: lying flat) (unaffected by: exposure to secondhand smoke, night time) (associated with: barky, hoarse, or hacking sound, whooping sound upon breathing in, phlegm or mucus) (not associated with: blood in phlegm, chronic, persistent in winter), fever (severity: mild), dizziness (worsened by: hot weather, lying flat, sitting upright) (unaffected by: changing head position, exercise, prolonged standing) (unaffected by: with fluids, rest), headache (severity: moderate) (time frame: sudden) (occurred: 1 - 3 hours) (side: front, left, right) (worsened by: sneeze or cough, being tired) (unaffected by: bending forward, changes in sleep pattern, psychological stress, exercise, being at high altitude, menstruation, skipping meals) (better by: rest) (unaffected by: stress management) (associated with: dull or aching sensation, sensation of pressure or fullness) (not associated with: occurring at the same time of day, sharp or stabbing feeling, throbbing sensation, wake you from sleep), aching muscles, generalized weakness, chills, body aches, chest congestion, difficulty breathing through nose, runny nose, sore throat, and nasal congestion. I have the following risk factor(s): living in or recent travel to high risk covid-19 region.
Sinus pressure, nasal congestion, runny nose, fever, body aches, cough & food tastes weird.... could it be a sinus infection, covid or the flu? And can any of thosw things cause a stomach ache?
I experienced nasal congestion and sore throat day 2-3 ... went to doc, did a covid test ... results negative ... day 4-5 slight pains around chest area and Back ... nasal and throat clear ... chest is sensitive to touch. I have no fever or cough?
I got 2 vaccines. Third dose is next week. Last two days I had irritated throat(not sore more so dry). Today thats gone BUT I'm feeling sneezy all day and currently have nasal congestion. Should I get tested for covid? I have no fever or body aches?
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