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Afib well controled w/bisoprolol 5mg,cardizem180&flecainide50x2.feel good but rhr a little slow,41-45bpm.physically fit,hr rises appropriately w/exercise.would reducing bisoprolol to 2.5 mg make a difference in rhr and still cntrl afib? dr in 2 wks?

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Are you in continuous A Fib with a well controlled ventricular response or is your current rhythm sinus bradycardia with rate in 40's which, I agree, may be too low? If it's the former, reducing either cardizem or bisoprolol.could raise your RHR. However, I urge you to wait for your physician or cardiologist, who knows your track record, to return before adjusting or tinkering with your meds.

Answered 8/2/2022



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