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I have a high cardiolipin igg of 75. i have an ana >1280 and a low white blood count of 3.40. do i need to be concerned about blood clotting, stroke. thank you?

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This site is for public education, which does not diagnose, prescribe treatments or medications, or actively manage patients' cases. You do have pertinent questions regarding lab studies which should be discussed with your doctor, who knows you best, and can correlate with clinical symptoms. Our paid site (www.connect@healthtap.com) can provide virtual consult, and more thoroughly assess you.

Answered 11/6/2021


Dr. Clarence Grim answered

Specializes in Endocrinology

This depends on exactly what is going on. You did not give us enough details. Discuss with your personal Drs. Not us strangers.

Answered 11/4/2021



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