A member asked:

When i move my shoulder and arm the top part of my right chest and up before my shoulder hurts. its hard for me to drive and pick up things thank you

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Dr. Bennett Machanic answered

Specializes in Neurology

Likely you have injury to shoulder. You may need imaging. See your doctor

Answered 5/6/2021


Dr. Sue Ferranti answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

You need to see your doctor to find out what is going on with your shoulder. Do you remember injuring it? Is there any numbness/tingling? There are many possibilities so your doctor needs to examine it-you may need some diagnostic testing, like an x-ray, depending on what the physical exam shows. So, see your doctor ASAP to get diagnosed and treated. You don’t want it to get any worse!! Good luck!

Answered 5/10/2021



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