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Hello i am wanting to know what would cause someone to wake up in the morning with a headache? headaches?

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Multiple causes: Headache in the morning can be related to multiple problems. Hypertension, glucose problems, sleep issues including sleeping with covers over your head are just a few of the possibilities. Are you eating late at night? Check Blood Pressure and try to optimize sleep routine but if still a problem discuss with your physician

Answered 12/26/2020



Causation: Certainly, there are numerous causes of head pain, but if you are awakening with a headache virtually every morning, this has become a pattern and needs reversal. Additional causes include excess carbon monoxide secondary to faulty heating system, evolving migraine events, jaw or TMJ bruxism, dental problems, sinus issues. Worthwhile to get this sorted out.

Answered 12/27/2020



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