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Hi. i had a hcg trigger shot on the 10 november and iui done on the 12 november. i'm 2 days late and did a blood test today. test came back as a weak positive. can the trigger shot still be in my system?

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Dr. Yvette Kratzberg answered

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Not the Trigger Shot: In a Trigger Shot, HcG appears to imitate LH and cause the ovarian follicle to rupture and the egg to be released. Normal HCG is produced by the placenta only. The injection will break down over 24-48 hours and will not remain in your system. the blood test should be measuring the HCG made by the placenta in your pregnancy. Levels of HCG rise from 25 to 7500 in the first 5 weeks of pregnancy

Answered 11/27/2020



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