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On labs taken in sept 2020 my wbc was 11.7, mcv was 103, mch was 33.9 and rbc was 4.49. what could cause these numbers? i do not drink alcohol and am a light smoker or 1 pack every 4 days. could smoking cause high mcv level? is this serious?

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Abnormal labs: Your smoking is likely not affecting the mcv. Thyroid problems, vitamin b12 deficiency, kidney problems, excessive alcohol , cirrhosis, and blood proliferative disorders can lead to high mcv. With your wbc also being on the higher side, would recommend seeing a hematologist for further labs and evaluating the cause for this.

Answered 11/26/2020



Need more info: All laboratory results need to be interpreted in the clinical context and the doctor who ordered the tests is usually in the best position to do that. Talk to the doctor who ordered the tests. Having said that, while abnormal, none of these issues is an emergency, however, you should consult a hematologist. Quit smoking! Wish you good health!

Answered 11/27/2020



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