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I was started on add medications about 2 years ago. i was given vyvanse for daily use and a generic adderall for as needed studying. my memory is extremely concerning now as even simple short term tasks i forget, while i'm speaking i can't find words, and just opening my computer or phone i forget what application i was going to use. is there a connection between my memory and the medications and is there something else i can do to help myself? memory worsening & add medications?

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It might.: Stimulants do not worsen memory, with the exception,some studies suggest, in people without ADHD. Depression,anxiety and many medications can impair memory.Lack of adequate sleep and food intake can worsen memory as well. A consultation to rule out the coexistence of other conditions is advisable

Answered 10/4/2020



See your doctor: Please talk to your doctor about this. Too much of a stimulant can cause a variety of problems. It is important to rule out non-medication related issues that may be present, as well. Best of luck!

Answered 10/31/2020



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