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Lower abdomen pain since i had my ectopic pregnancy surgery. pain intense when i sneezed, that i always had to hold my belly to minimize the pain. my belly sloppy on one side since after my surgery?

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Dr. Shaban Faruqui answered

Specializes in Gastroenterology

Needs good Hx/ P/E: Patientg most likely has Hernia, possibly strangulated, There are 4 Abd. & pelvic hernia. Inguinal hernia most common. Femoral Hernia more common in woman. Obturator hernia least common of pelvic floor hernia. Richter's hernia is an uncommon type of hernia that leads to strangulation. Only one part of the bowel wall becomes stuck in the hernia. She should be seen by Surgeon ASAP w/ good Hx

Answered 11/17/2019



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