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Hi ive candida im taking probiotics & i feel very better but only when i take yeast free probiotics does probiotic contain yeast is bad for candida?

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Dr. Philip Miller answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

No: probiotics usually stimulate and supplement GI bacteria to help with digestion.

Answered 2/9/2019


Dr. James Ferguson answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Odd statement: Candida albicans is the name of the normal yeast that makes up about 5% of the dry poop of every human. It is not an abnormality. Since it is everywhere in the environment & gets into our digestive tract on our contaminated fingers/foods you can never be rid of it. Probiotics are just benign strains of germs that do not harm humans & are thought to help balance the gut.

Answered 2/10/2019



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