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Can bacterial sinusitis lasting longer than 3 weeks go away on its own? 2 weeks doxycycline didnt get rid of infection.

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Proper ID: Bacterial sinusitis can last longer than three weeks. It is important to monitor for improvement or not once an antibiotic has been started. Failure to improve may indicate resistance to the choice of antibiotic selected or there may be more then 1 bacteria present or fungi may also be present; requiring an antibiotic with an anti fungal agent. Knowing bugs and drugs is important for proper Tx.

Answered 12/8/2018


Dr. Jay Park answered

Probably not: Sinusitis is most often caused by pneumococcal infection and doxycycline is not the best choice. Another course of antibiotic treatment, e.g., augmentin, is worthwhile to try. If infection still persists, consultation with ENT specialist is likely the next step to take.

Answered 12/9/2018



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