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Er 6/19 for llq pain/nausea. ct: 20.5cm liver, small umbilical hernia. dr said unrelated. urine:+1 blood, +1 ketones, mod mucus, mod epithelial. dc home, said return if still pain. pain today. ideas?

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Dr. Stephen Shapiro answered

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Need cause of pain: I need to know if the CAT scan also had oral contrast to rule out diverticulitis . Was there any ovarian pathology such a cysts. Not knowing your age I still would want to know the results of your blood tests including sugar,liver function S , if your urinalysis showed dehydration.. I also would want to know more history such as medications taken , alcohol as well as your vital sign, age etc

Answered 6/21/2017


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Return: The advice you were given was to return if still in pain. this is likely to be useful because 1) sometimes redoing the bloods and checking the trend helps get the diagnosis 2) I wonder about kidney stones - they may be able to review the CT and look for those/alternate causes if you return At any rate would be worth a doctor re-examining you. All the best.

Answered 6/21/2017



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