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I have pyloric stenosis surgery as a child and now i am 32. i have mild but daily heart burn. anything i should be aware of or do to correct this iss?

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Dr. Andrew Seibert answered

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Chronic Gerd.: You should see your doctor, or preferably a gastroenterologist, since your symptoms are occurring daily. Given your childhood history, the G.I. doctor may recommend that you have an EGD to look at the end of the stomach and see if there is any problem with outflow from the stomach. I suspect you may have just garden-variety acid reflux, however. Good luck.

Answered 5/11/2017



Unrelated: This is unrelated to the childhood issue/surgery. You need to avoid either or caffeine, nicotine which are chemicals that aggravate this. Avoid laying down for an hour after eating. If these simple interventions do not help within 2 weeks, see your doc about the condition.If reflux is confirmed there are meds that can help.

Answered 5/12/2017



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