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I am a type 1 diabetic and i am out of insulin and i am looking at novolin r or novolin n. i typically use humalog and lantus (insulin glargine). if i am using the novol?

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Novolin (insulin) R & N differ: Hi, give Nov R 20 minutes before main meals only, same dose as Humalog, not more than 4 hourly. Give Nov N before breakfast in 1/2 the dose you use of Lantus (insulin glargine). Give Nov N in 1/4 the dose you use of Lantus (insulin glargine), before bed (you will wake with high BSL but should avoid any hypo in night). Check BSL every 2 hours by day, every 4 hours by night. Get your usual insulin as soon as possible, see yr MD soon.

Answered 10/2/2019



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