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I am type 1 diabetic since i was 8. now i am 30. i am taking novo rapid and lantus (insulin glargine) 3 times a day. got a proposal for insulin pen . how gud is it?

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Good: The Insulin pen is simply a more convenient way to take insulin. You can get Lantus (insulin glargine) and NovoLog in a pen. You will be able to dial the dose of Insulin needed. You would use a pen needle with the pen to inject the insulin. Each pen holds 300 units of insulin, so it will typically last for weeks. You do not need to refrigerate the pen once you start using it.

Answered 6/30/2014



Insulin pen: An Insulin pen is an excellent way to take your insulin. Please call your endocrinologist (e) and ask him if your need Lantus (insulin glargine) 3 times a day. Your novo rapid is taken before meals and is your bolus Insulin therapy. Lantus (insulin glargine) is basal Insulin therapy that is normally taken before bed time. The pen is fine, ask your e why you need Lantus (insulin glargine) 3 times a day. Is your hemoglobin a1c below 7?

Answered 8/11/2018



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