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I have fai and a torn labrum in my hip, i'm supposed to get surgery but if i can tolerate the pain would it cause future issues to not get surgery now?

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Dr. John Goldman answered

Specializes in Rheumatology

It could cause futur: The femoroacetable Impingement (FAI) can be treated non-operatively but usually the labrum tear can often be treated through an an arthroscope. You need to discuss in depth with your physician and orthropedic specialist. Be certain to see someone experienced with arthroscopic hip surgery and even get a second opinion.

Answered 7/11/2016


Dr. Brian Sabb answered

Specializes in Sports Medicine

Surgery for FAI can be arthroscopic or open. Seeing a hip surgeon is best & if she determines surgery is indicated it is likely the best option. A 2nd opinion with a 2nd surgeon is a great idea. While surgery is not absolutely necessary for FAI if u don’t get surgery you likely will develop arthritis at an early age. Then u may end up needing hip replacement as a young adult. Good luck, Dr. Sabb

Answered 4/4/2021



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