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58-year old recently diagnosed w/glaucoma, 30% nerve damage & some peripheral vision loss. what is long term prognosis? can surgery be avoided?

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Good & usually: Acceptable iop control with careful monitoring and testing is quite successful in preventing functional vision loss in 85% or more of patients. I think it is also reassuring that if medical treatment fails to stabilize your glaucoma, that there are excellent procedures that can have great outcomes. Laser treatment would likely be first on the list with incisional surgery later. Surg. Gen not req.

Answered 12/10/2013



YEs: The key to avoiding further vision damage in glaucoma is keeping your eye pressure low. Your doctor will recommend a healthy pressure range which is typically achievable with drops or outpatient laser. Surgery for glaucoma is usually reserved for those that fail medical management. For most with controlled glaucoma the prognosis is good.

Answered 4/20/2014



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