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Intermittent chest pain. bpm around 90 resting. blood work normal and work out regularly with no issues. did some cocaine.. less than a gram. would this be palpitations or symptoms of a heart attack? never drank coffee and quit red bull 4 months ago

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Dr. Dimitri Novitzky answered

Specializes in Thoracic Surgery

Chest pain, BPM round 90: Did the palpitation occurred at the time you were doing cocaine? . Cocaine induces, coronary artery spasm, and depending on the dose the spasm may be of a high level, well documented cases of MI and death have been reported. I would strongly suggest to drop the drug, as with time, the addiction will have no return, go to a clinic for addiction, is free, and see aDr. to help you with medication

Answered 5/30/2016


Dr. Cornelius Oleary answered

Specializes in Urgent Care

See MD ASAP: 37 yo gentleman with cheat pain in the setting of drug use. Please see an MD as soon as possible in the ER & call 911 if you are experiencing chest discomfort.

Answered 11/28/2017



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