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Should i be taking vitamins?

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Dr. Randy Baker answered

Specializes in Holistic Medicine

Yes: I advise everyone to take a good multivitamin. Very few Americans get the recommended allowance of all vitamins and minerals and even those who do benefit from taking higher amounts. I also advise at least 500 mg of Vit C 2x/day. All Americans (except those in the deep South) need 5000-8000 iu of Vit D3 in fall and winter months, year-round if don't get much sun. See http://tinyurl.com/mzrkbx8

Answered 5/19/2016


Dr. Peter Nefcy answered

Specializes in Radiology

Not really: Unless you are on a severely restricted diet, are pregnant or fighting a chronic disease, vitamins and multivitamins are a waste of money and potentially dangerous. Most Vitamin C is just fake, and not Vit C at all, but one component. Take only your lab proven deficiency. Save your money and eat well. Then buy a gym membership. Exercise has proven health benefits, while most vitamins do not.

Answered 2/16/2021



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