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I have a red raised streak (line) coming from a bite/bump on my neck. it hasn't spred, but hasn't gone away either. it is tender to touch.?

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Dr. Carisa Hines answered

Specializes in Palliative Care

Skin redness: Redness coming from an insect bite may be a sign of infection just under the skin, also known as cellulitis. This needs to be evaluated by your physician promptly.

Answered 10/4/2015


Dr. Nguyen Nguyen answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Could be infection: A red streak coming from a bite could be a sign of bacterial infection that needs to be treated ASAP. To be safe, you should see a doctor or go to the urgent care soon, before it spreads more. If not treated, it may invade your bloodstream, which would be very serious. You did not mention how long you have had this.

Answered 9/29/2017



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