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My nipple is dry, cracked,and itchy. its entirely dark green and yellow. is this an infection? could i end up losing my nipple if i treat it too late?

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Dr. Akbar Zikria answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Possible: It is possible you may have had an infection initially. Usually with an active infection there is redness, warmth, pus, and pain. Fungal infections can present similarly. Are you breastfeeding? This can be a potential risk factor. You also may want to discontinue that in the meantime until you see your primary doc.

Answered 3/22/2020


Dr. Frank Kuitems answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Yes: Yes the nipple with yellow green dark discharge is usually infected recommend seeking medical attention within 24 hours from a doctor.if someone ignores this is possible for the tissue to necrosis and rot away. This rarely happens. But if ignored scarring is quite ugly can occur

Answered 8/3/2015



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