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Once in a while i get moderate to severe pain on the right side of my abdomen area, but ice or cold in general seem to help a lot. could still be something serious like appendicitis, hernia or ulcer?

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See ans: Abdominal discomfort can have many causes. Also depends where in the abdomen are you concerned. Right sides abdominal discomfort can have many causes from constipation to pancreatitis and yes even appendicitis depending on the area. You see not to have any other symptoms so I would consult your doctor for a complete evaluation and then you can stop worrying

Answered 3/22/2020



No: Something serious on the right side of your abdomen wouldn't go away with ice or cold. It sounds more like a muscle pain in the abdominal wall if it happens occasionally and goes away with cold. See your PCP to know for sure what is going on but serious things don't generally go away that easily. Hope this helps.

Answered 7/17/2015



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