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I get mild headaches every morning but for the last week i have had a severe constant headache. i was prescribed sumatriptan but it does nothing ?

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Dr. John Feola answered

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R/O MIGRAINE HA: The 4 basic headaches are Tension, Sinus,migraine and cluster. The muscles that originate at the base of the neck insert near the temple. Rest /ice and a darkened room may help. Also a NSAID like Aleve (naproxen) /daypro. Muscle relaxant ie KLONOPIN/ FLEXERIL . GF DIET WHOLEAPPROACH.com You need EXAM&LABS. With INCREASE IN FREQUENCY. You need an MRI &MRA.

Answered 4/2/2015



Chronic HA's: Since sumatriptan is designed to stop an individual headache at time of onset, chronic daily migraines which are constant do NOT respond to acute medication applications. You are advised to either get a second opinion or even schedule a Concierge appt here onsite.

Answered 5/25/2016



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