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I am prescribed 1 imitrex (sumatriptan)/day while on prednisone for ms relapse for just 12 days. will i get rebound headaches from the imitrex (sumatriptan)?

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Unknown: Not necessarily. Have you tried this before and had rebound headaches? If not, try it if this is what was prescribed and consider keeping a headache diary to know what works and what doesn't.

Answered 11/28/2017



Complex: First, use of Imitrex in this manner is controversial, and may not necessarily be the most beneficial approach if prednisone causes headaches. Second, if you are experiencing relapses on your current MS drug, this is a significant issue, and you need to discover if a newer more potent medication is needed (e.g., Gilenya, Tysabri, (natalizumab) even Lemtrada). Thirdly, supplement vitamin D, if not done.

Answered 5/23/2016



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