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A 44-year-old male asked:

what is the prognosis for skin cancer on chest? very large section cut out with reconstructive surgery done and pre-oral cancer ?

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Dr. James Goodpaster
Dentistry 29 years experience
Ask Oncologist: Skin cancer when caught early & depedning on type usually has a good recovery rate but you will always be at risk & need to stay out of the sun. The pre-cancer in the oral cavity will generally resolve if you stop with the causative agent (tobacco use #1). Work with your dentist, dermatologist & oncologist and ask them your prognosis but keept them all informed of everything else going on.
Dr. Vishnu Rumalla
Plastic Surgery 25 years experience
Depends: Thanks for your inquiry, but without your pathology reports and operative report, it is hard to know.
Dr. Travis Kidner
Surgical Oncology 17 years experience
Depends: This depends on what type of skin cancer you had, and also on the stage of the cancer.

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A member asked:

How can I prevent ear infections in my child?

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Dr. Michael Coogan
Pediatrics 48 years experience
Airway inflammation: Since ear infections begin with inflammation in the upper airway (nose and throat), parents should avoid situations that may lead to inflammation. These include, but are not limited to: cold viruses, irritants like cigarette smoke, and aeroallergens such as pollen, in certain susceptible children.
A 44-year-old member asked:

I am 21 weeks pregnant and have tender breasts. Today I noticed a small lump in my right breast-should I be worried?

2 doctor answers6 doctors weighed in
Dr. Ruth Crystal
Obstetrics and Gynecology 27 years experience
See your doctor: There are many changes in the breasts during pregnancy. Breast tenderness is very common. However, if you have a new breast mass, i would see your doctor within a week. Be careful not to check the lump too often before you see your doctor as breast/nipple stimulation in pregnancy can cause contractions.
A member asked:

Can I bathe my baby when he has tender skin spots on his hands and feet, etc?

2 doctor answers2 doctors weighed in
Dr. Laura Webb
Pediatrics 13 years experience
Yes: It is ok to bathe your baby, even with tender spots or a rash. However if your baby seems really uncomfortable you may want to make an appointment with your pediatrician. Remember babies do not need a bath every day- this could dry out their skin and make it prone to peeling or increased tenderness. Instead, bathe every 2-4 days.
A 30-year-old member asked:

Lately i've had skin rashes and itchiness. Should I use calamine lotion or aloe?

2 doctor answers3 doctors weighed in
Dr. Sheila Goodman
Specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Either: Either may help with symptoms. Hydrocortisone cream which is available over-the-counter may both relieve the symptoms and help get rid of the rash. Antihistamines like claritin, zyrtec and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) will also help for both.
A 45-year-old female asked:

I am 45 with 3 failed ivfs, 5 yrs ago. Benign ovar. Cyst removed then. Last period jul 10. Hcg 464 (20 dpo) & 843 (22.5 dpo) mild cramp, no bleed, ache 1 side. Ectopic, cancer, menopause?

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Dr. Adam Newman
Obstetrics and Gynecology 29 years experience
Seems ok: Is DPO days post ovulation? If so, your HCG roughly doubled in 48 hours...That is a good textbook rise! a mild cramp is common, and no bleeding is always good. Seems to me you are pregnant! no indication of ectopic, no reason to think cancer (hcg producing cancers are typically seen in much younger women ie teens and 20's) and menopause doesn't give you rising hcg. So for now, congrats and luck!

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Last updated Jun 9, 2015
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