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Arlington, VA
A 36-year-old female asked:

had the stomach flu 5 days ago been very weak since, weakness in thigh & tingling in fingers - could this be low potassium levels?

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Dr. Dennis Clifford
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Sure: You could still be dehydrated and have any number of electrolyte abnormalities. Drink water or even try pedialyte solution if you don't improve quickly.

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A 53-year-old female asked:

Hi, I have had a sore throat and hoarsness for 2 months, my neck is swollen and pain goes up to my ear. This is only the right side. Blood test are normal. I have had a ultrasound, CT scan, chest xray, a biopsy. They found nodules on my thyroid.My biopsy

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Dr. Robert Jackson
Dermatology 43 years experience
Continue: Continue to let them evaluate you for the exact answer.
A member asked:

I have been having bad leg and feet cramps atnight. My potassium level is good. I take a heating pad to bed everynite. I am on cholesterol meds, high blood pressure med. Have been for many years. Don't know what to do with these leg cramps. I'm frust

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Dr. Howard Fox
Podiatry 42 years experience
There : There are many causes for leg cramps at night, including the infamous "restless leg syndrome." (btw, whenever you see the word "syndrome" in medicine, it's code for "we don't know.") electrolyte disturbances (not only potassium) can cause this, and some blood pressure medication is well known to cause electrolyte imbalances, but the symptoms aren't limited to bed time. Another common cause is muscle fatigue, especially if you feel your cramping is worse after a day when you're on your feet more than usual. This is due to biomechanical problems with your feet and legs that cause your muscles to overwork. You also mentioned you're taking "cholesterol meds." statins have gotten some bad press recently, despite the great way they lower cholesterol and cardiovascular risk. While it's probably unrelated, it's probably also worth telling the doctor who prescribed your cholesterol medication about your leg cramps. In fact, your starting point in getting relief is probably your primary care physician. If he suspects it might be due to muscle fatigue, a visit to a podiatrist for a pair of orthotics would certainly help you. Good luck.
A 19-year-old female asked:

Sore throat, yellow phlegm, rash, bruising, nerve pain, muscle pain, itchy skin, tingling feet, headache. Rash dissapears 20 minutes. Cancer? Worried.

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Dr. Sabha Ganai
Surgical Oncology 20 years experience
Take a deep breath: Relax... It does not sound like cancer. Those are a lot of symptoms though. It is most likely a viral infection, like the "flu", but it could be something else, so you should go see a doctor and get a proper exam.
Vancouver, WA
A 54-year-old female asked:

I have low potassium and leading up to getting my blood checked i had upper stomach pain and near fainting experience, would low potassium cause this.

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Dr. Dan Fisher
Internal Medicine 27 years experience
Not likely.: Low potassium in and of itself is unlikely to cause this symptom. If potassium is on the low side regularly might want to discuss possibility of hyperaldosteronism or too much hctz (hydrochlorothiazide) with your doc.
A 39-year-old female asked:

White pigment & sml lump under left eye, wrinkled appearance of fingertips, sore hip with leg pain, sore lymph nodes& tiredness, low potassium, diarrhe?

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Dr. Victor Bonuel
Internal Medicine 38 years experience
See ur Dr and get: A thorough exan and blood test. There are multiple possibilities including a stye, viral infection, muscle strain, dehydration, kidney / adrenal problem etc. Take care!

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Last updated Jan 5, 2016
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