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My height is 5.10" weight is 67kg and recent serum cholesterol is 259 mg/dl. hdl 43 and ldl is 174 mg/dl. how to reduce my cholesterol. abt medicatio?

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Dr. Ramalingaier Parameswaran answered

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Your cholesterol and LDL are high and need treatment. While diet is always the first step, you may need medications depending on other risk factors such as family history, hypertension etc. Rely on your doctor to get the best advice for you. The earlier you start preventive measures, the better. Get medical help.

Answered 8/21/2021


Dr. Clarence Grim answered

Specializes in Endocrinology

Use the diet called DASH, or rice-fruit diet or any other low fat diet. Look at Seattle Sutton’s web site.

Answered 8/26/2021



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