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Which has a higher risk of fatality? accidental overdose of ms contin (morphine) sr 30mg or percocet 10mg?

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Dr. Evans Prieston answered

Specializes in Pharmacology

Overdose: Both of these have a significant risk for fatality resulting from an overdose. However, because ms contin (morphine) is a long acting formulation, it stays in the bloodstream longer than Percocet so reversal of its effects could be more difficult.

Answered 5/29/2020


Dr. James Marx answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Neither: At the stated levels, fatality would be unusual with either drug alone if the individual had no other medical issues. Unfortunately, most overdoses occur with multiple other drugs such as the benzos like xanax (alprazolam) or valium combined with alcohol.These combination are frequently implicated in fatal overdoses.

Answered 1/23/2015



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