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My 4-yr old son complains of pain in his leg since he was 2.his orthopedic dr. required x-ray&it was normal.he still has pain.whom shld we consult?

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Pediatrician: There are many causes of pain in the legs. Thorough discussion of when he complains of pain, how consistent pain is as regards to location, and what other findings are there on his complete physical exam would help your pediatrician guide you to proper evaluation and treatment.

Answered 5/3/2013


Dr. Mika Hiramatsu answered

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Growing pains?: Usually with a serious illness e.g. Infection, cancer, or chronic disease, you would see some other symptom in 2 years, such as fever, weight loss, rash, etc. It is good that you saw an orthopedist. Could it be growing pains? They usually come in the evening. Heat and massage are most helpful. Do you have a pediatrician? S/he might suggest a simple blood test or perhaps a referral.

Answered 6/11/2013



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