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Cut with a rusty tool but i've been immunized against tetanus do i really need to go to doctors?

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No - if cut is OK: As long as the tetanus shot was within 5 years, you don't need another for a rusty metal laceration. However, if the cut easily opens up when you move the body part or is dirty, you may heal much faster with care/stitches. Also, there is a new tetanus shot that adds pertussis vaccine, preventing a lot of bronchitis in adults and keeping infants safe from whooping cough - get it if around infants.

Answered 5/12/2014



It depends: While it is generally recommended to get a tetanus shot every 10 years in order to maintain immunity, if you get a dirty cut or wound and it has been over 5 years since your last tetanus shot, it may be good to get a booster. Wash the cut out well with soap and water. If it looks like it is getting infected, then i would suggest seeing your doctor.

Answered 3/28/2012



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