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What can i get my boyfriend to stop him from snoring?

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Dr. Edward Rhee answered

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Depends: Snoring, as you know, is a sound. Sound is a vibration of air. Anatomic factors in the nose and throat which contribute to this vibration will increase the likelihood of snoring. Swollen nasal passages, enlarged tonsils, receded chin, among other things can all predispose him to snore. Evaluation by an ear nose and throat specialist would be the next best step.

Answered 7/31/2013


Dr. Stephen Gordon answered

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If he's ok medically: And his md rules out sleep apnea, then see a dentist who can make an easily worn mouth guard that advances the lower jaw, thereby opening up the throat space to reduce or eliminate snoring the results are typically better than surgical treatment and is non-invasive. Brands: therasnore, snoreguard, silent nite. Aveotsd attaches to tongue to reduce snoring. Reasonable cost.

Answered 12/10/2013



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