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Im looking at taking the alpha brain supplement, are there any dangerous/illegal chemicals in it?

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Dr. Christopher Coller answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Everything has risk: Though i don't see anything illegal, any chemical that alters neurotransmitter levels can be dangerous or carry side effects. As I am not very familiar with a-brain, i can only say "take such things at your own risk." if you are concerned about fatigue or brain fog and the like, there are many other things to consider as well. I'd make an appt to talk with a holistic-minded doc about your concerns.

Answered 8/16/2013


Dr. Bernard Seif answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

Brain Supplement: Please do not take the supplement you mention. I don't know what is in it and even if you read the label something may be in it that is not mentioned. If you have symptoms such as memory loss or brain fog please start by going to your doctor. He/she may refer you to a licensed nutritionist if you want a more natural way to treat your possible symptoms. Peace and good health.

Answered 11/5/2018



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