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Hello, i hurt my hip doing the limbo. i don't think it dislocated, but maybe a tendon or muscle tore on the front of the hip. 2 weks later and hurts?

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Dr. Kim Fagan answered

Specializes in Sports Medicine

See doctor: Sounds like this is possibly a hip flexor strain (illiopsoa) based on the location you described. Other possibilities include capsular strain of the hip joint, labral tear of the hip joint, or other muscle/tendon injury. Since pain has persisted would have this checked out by your primary care physician or a sports medicine physician to pin down the diagnosis and get treatment plan.

Answered 9/28/2016


Dr. Roger Palutsis answered

Specializes in Sports Medicine

Suggest MRI: It is possible you may have torn one of the muscles that cross the hip joint. Another strong possibility is that you may have torn your labrum or joint cartilage. If after 2 weeks you still have pain or clicking, i would see an orthopaedic surgeon for possible MRI arthrogram. Good luck.

Answered 6/10/2014



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