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4 mm stone in ureter . symptoms bladder pain and spasms since early oct. on vesicare (solifenacin). how long shd i wait before cystoscopy? will it pass with water?

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Dr. Mathew Sorensen answered

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6 weeks: It is always in your best interested to pass a stone on your own, but it is not good for your kidney to struggle to pass the stone for more than about 6 weeks. With the bladder symptoms it is probably all the way down to the bladder, but sometimes the last part can be the hardest for the stone. Unfortunately, drinking lots of water does not help to push out the stone.

Answered 3/30/2014



Kidney stone: A 4mm stone can pass - vesicare (solifenacin) may help; do not wait more than 4 weeks - high fluid intake may help - if you were in hospital, you would have an IV at high rate.

Answered 9/10/2014



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